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MANY of the opinion that Gunung Jerai is the highest mountain in Kedah but the peak of Gunung Bintang is 1826 metres and it has surpassed the height of Gunung Jerai which is only 1217 metres. In the map, Gunung Bintang is located in the District of Kulim and neighbouring the state of Perak. Perak on the other hand has its own highest mountain whith is Gunung Korbu with the height of 2183 metres.
Those who desired to climb the Gunung Bintang can begin their journey from Sedim Waterfall Recreation Park. But don’t get excited with the waterfall and you abandon the idea to climb anymore. The journey from here will expose the climber to the unimagined experiences that words cannot tell. Only those who are already experienced it can enjoy its beauty.
There is no timber track to be used as a path. The journey is only based on the track that was made by the animals that utilised the jungle around the mountain as their shelter. Don’t be surprised if you bumped into herd of elephants that tear up the banana trees. Or don’t scream when you comes across tigers or wild goats.
Actually the tigers or the other animals will stay away when they saw human beings.
The climbers are not required to bring supply of fresh water as along the journey, we will meet small rivers and rapids that flow the cold and clear and clean water. It is suffice just to bring enough food supplies together with the camp equipment and sleeping bag.
The relaxation journey start at l0am from Sedim Waterfall Recreation Park and will arrive at the first base camp at 5pm. But for those who used to climbing, they will arrive earlier.
Here, the temperature is 18 degree Celcius. There must be people who can’t wait to bath in the• pond created by the coconut tree height- waterfall. The water flows down and it produced roaring sounds which can be heard from distance. The pond which was formed under ii sumps the cold and fresh water. The whole day journey makes our body sweat and we get a chance to take a bath and swim here, it car heal our exhaustion while waiting for the food to be served.
During sunsets, we can hear the chirping of birds when flying to their nests. Also we can hear the sounds of eagle’s wing flapping when they are looking for the branches to rest. At night time here is so fascinating. Millions of stars in the sky seem so near and bright. We can listen to various kinds of rhythmic sounds of animals in the jungle. Sometimes we can hear the sound of the bamboo trees hitting each other like bangsi flute.
After breakfast, the team is started their journey towards the top of Gunung Bintang. The journey becomes more challenging as the track becomes more upright. Sometimes we have to jump over the ground open crack. Meanwhile everywhere we can see the wild orchids of different species and different colours. Sometimes we can have a pleasant smell of the wild jasmines.
You will be petrified when you arrived at Bonsai Garden. If you are the fan of Malay film, you must be imagining of a park in the top of Gunung Ledang that become a residence of a princess of the mountain. Is Gunung Bintang also has its own guardian which is known as Puteri Gunung Bintang?. The beautiful garden is plentiful with green grasses like velvet. Meanwhile the different
kinds of orchids and the h~ingin1 of Nephentes Gracillis make the garden looked more beautiful. The distance from here to reach at the top of Gunung Bintang is only three kilometres.
The expedition which was organized by the Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri Kedah was a failure due to the fact that the rain started to fall down heavily when we arrived at Bonsai Garden. The 28 members of the delegation had to rush down to the base camp which was erected earlier. Indeed two nights is not sufficient in order to reach the peak of Gunung Bintang, but the experience is more memorable and will remain forever. •

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